Directed By You(th) addresses issues in civic engagement, apathy, disenfranchisement, and low democratic trust among youth in Europe. The aim is to promote and achieve the objectives of the European Youth Strategy: to engage, empower and connect youth. This will take place through an innovative method, still not widespread, of participatory documentary, as well as graphics. This modality will serve to involve young people in a first-hand experience in issues they would like to change. This way, in a bottom-up process, they will be empowered and engaged effectively because the issues they are addressing will be relevant and important to them. 

Objective 1

Directed by You(th) aims to to engage, empower and connect youth, by using the innovative method of participatory documentary making, as well as graphic design. Youth workers will deliver workshops at the local level for 25 youth per country, helping them to develop their individual or small-group video and campaign on an issue that directly affects them and/or their community.  

Objective 2

Focussing on issues directly related to the experiences of the youth will maximise their engagement in the civic issues, they choose to base their work on. The ideas and style of the videos will be decided by the youth themselves, while the youth workers will facilitate the processes of brainstorming, training, developing, and editing the videos. This bottom- up process will empower the youth and motivate them to engage with civic society. Finally, youth will learn valuable skills in video making and graphic design, important in the rapidly digitalising world. 




Activity 1

A series of workshops that aim the acquisition of filmmaking and graphic techniques to engage the participation of 25 young people from each partner country. Each workshop starts with the preparatory phase of identifying the problems through a day of common brainstorming and submission of questionnaires. The following 5 days will include a first phase of training with the explanation of 3 different techniques through a free content creation software.

Activity 2

A local film festival in each partner country of the project. The event will see the participation of local stakeholders and youth associations in the area, youth workers, and participants. During the events, the 10 different movies realized by the participants to the workshops will be showed to the audience.

Activity 3

Each partner will produce promotional videos to promote an International Film Festival event host by EDUACT. Youth associations and political actors will be invited to event, and a jury of experts will be selected for final award ceremony.


6 Local Film Festival

70 participatory movies

1 International Film Festival

7 local filmmaking and graphic design training




CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit organisation based in Palermo, Italy. CEIPES has expertise in Education, Innovation and Project management in different European programmes tackling the Education and the capacity building of different target groups. It also promotes lifelong learning, vocational training and entrepreneurship with the aim of enhancing opportunities for youth and adults to improve and acquire competences and therefore boost their employability and inclusion.

ASPAYM Castilla y León is an organization dedicated professionally to people with disabilities, which offers multidisciplinary, comprehensive and personalized services, open to all members of society, wherever they are, to help them develop their life project, through empowerment , and the defense of equal opportunities, as well as a more inclusive society

The Association Institute for Research and Study of Quantum Consciousness (GAMMA Institute of Psychology) is a non-governmental organization from Iasi, founded in 2011, whose purpose is the promoting, development, research and initiative for activities in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and mental health, in particular through training programs, workshops, psychological services and psychological assistance, counseling, psychotherapy and training of specialists; also, another aim is to facilitate the cooperation between Romanian specialists from the fields mentioned above and other specialists from international area.

ÖJAB (Österreichische JungArbeiterBewegung / Austrian Young Workers Movement) is a nonprofit organization that provides students and other young people with a home near their places of education, offers mobile care, and pursues projects in the fields of education, integration, refugee relief, and development cooperation. ÖJAB thus has four main areas of activity:

  • Students and Youth
  • Seniors and Nursing Care
  • Education and Integration
  • Development Cooperation

Altogether, the activities extend to cover 40 locations in Austria. ÖJAB has over 650 employees, of whom over 500 work in the fields of caregiving and education. Our work is also supported and strongly characterized by the numerous individuals who provide their services to the organization on a voluntary basis.

Know & Can Association is a NGO established in March 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It works mainly in the field of non-formal education and on European projects and programmes in the fields of education, rights, justice, citizenship and mobility. It has partners in 27 EU countries, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia and Latin America. Since its creation in 2007, Know and Can Association works actively on national and European projects, career counselling, personal and professional development, soft skills trainings, programs, courses and activities in the sphere of non-formal and informal education and trainings for children, youths and adults. Know and Can Association performs a wide range of non-formal courses and activities connected to improving social, civic, personal, professional and soft skills of youths and adults and professional skills of trainers and educators. The main objectives of the trainings are to raise the qualification, to gain knowledge and improve skills in order to help people to be competitive, aware and skillful ones and to find successful professional realization on the labour market.

Ardmore is an Irish organisation working for the educational development of people in rural areas, especially in the fields of environmental sustainability, green policies, digitalisation, entrepreneurship, personal development, social inclusion and diversity, youth and schools. We promote lifelong learning in rural communities. Within the contexts of a harsher economic climate, Ardmore seeks to champion needs responsive to the needs of rural development in Wexford and surrounding areas. We are both local and outward looking, coming up with development initiatives which focus on improving the quality of life in the Wexford area and throughout Ireland.

Eduact is a nonprofit, beneficent organization in Thessaloniki, Greece, operating since 2013 and having introduced robotics in the greek schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. There are twenty full-time employees and a great team of external partners collaborating on projects. In order to achieve set goals, a network of 300+ volunteers has been created. They collaborate with important stakeholders and figures in the country, such as political figures and university professors in order to reach optimal results on all projects. Eduact’s vision is to create a better tomorrow with quality education and innovation. By introducing the concept of innovation into the educational process, the organization aims to give prominence to talented young individuals and provide them with stimuli for creativity. In Eduact research, playful learning and fun are put together to equip youth with useful life skills for future citizens. Eduact holds experience and expertise in digital skills and projects (digital literacy, coding, educational robotics, etc), 21st-century skills (soft skills, life skills, social skills, etc), STEAM skills (Science, Engineering, Technology, Arts, Mathematics), workshops and training (of teachers, staff, parents and students alike), as well as research and dissemination.