The Culture Week has just ended and saw the “Giovanni Meli” High School in Palermo, Italy, as a promoter of many cultural and artistic initiatives: among them is the collaboration with CEIPES ETS.

CEIPES brings to the High School a very interesting initiative: it is the D.B.Y. project. – Directed By YOU(th), co-funded by the EU’s CERV (Citizens, Equals, Rights and Values) program. The project addresses issues of civic engagement, apathy, disenfranchisement and low democratic trust among young people in Europe.

A project written and run by young people for young people: it will allow many young people from different realities and backgrounds to have their say, to have their voices heard on social, cultural, civic issues, etc.

How? Through an innovative and inspiring medium such as participatory documentary filmmaking: using audio-visuals to look at the world with different eyes, oriented toward the future and social change.