10 movies – Spain

Una fractura en el tintero

La verdad oculta

Report en directo

Charlando con Dani

Universo matérico

Quién me lo diría

Knock Knock

Batallas silenciosas

La llamada de la tierra

El Filtrado Del Destino

10 movies – Italy

Cervelli in fuga

Nuove Realtà

Il racconto di Lucia

Il racconto di Mariangela

Le famiglie arcobaleno siciliane 1

Le famiglie arcobaleno siciliane 2

Impara l'arte e mettila da parte p 1

Impara l'arte e mettila da parte p 2

Strade insicure


10 movies – Austria

Mörderische Liebe Bloopers

Hört zu

Haylaa Version2

Haylaa Version1

Family Problems

Behind The Scenes2

Behind The Scenes1

Sexuelle Belästigung

Zeig, wer du bist

Mörderische Liebe 1

Mörderische Liebe 2

10 movies – Romania

Provocari in familie

Film testimoniale

Elfii si oamenii part 1

Elfii si oamenii part 2

Elfii si oamenii part 3

Povestea Sarah

Povestea Sarei part 2

Povestea Raniei partea 1

Povestea Raniei part 2

Viktoria si povestea ei

10 movies – Greece

45 000


Breaking Barriers

Πως πετάει ένα αεροπλάνο

Το επάγγελμα του ναυαγωσώστη

Full Circle

On the Road part 1

On the Road part 2

The Nostalgia Renaissance

The life of a swimmer

10 movies – Bulgaria

Threads of tradition

Sofia's Green Breath

Inspiring youth and building community

Brushstrokes of the city

Harvesting memories and wisdom

Neighborhood chronicles Between chaos and calm

Concrete horizons

Empowering the next generation

Wal Cleaning in the park

Brushes of resilience

10 movies – Ireland

After Thoughts Short Film

Caoimhe McGrath Understand My Mind

Mornin' animated short

Love Letter to Womanhood by Clarice Makarevitch

Flask final

If I Was A Pirate Directed By Youth

Chores Trailer

2 Years Gone


The Finger