Many new things are coming up in the ‘D.B.Y.’ project. – Directed by You(th)’, co-funded by the European Union’s CERV programme. What will happen in the coming months? 

The project partners (from Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Ireland, Bulgaria and Romania) are organising local film festivals. Many guests from different backgrounds are expected to attend the exclusive screening of the films made by the 25 young people per country on civic engagement.  

The short films were made, edited and publicised entirely by the young people involved in the workshop activities (remember that several workshops on filmmaking, video-editing and graphic design were organised during the previous months, in which several young people in the consortium countries participated) and are expected to be very well received by the audience.  

The D.B.Y. project aims to involve, through the innovative technique of participatory documentary filmmaking, young people in various European countries in order to give them a voice on social and culturally relevant issues. 

So stay tuned, because more news will be coming soon!