On 21st of December, the coordinator CEIPES and the co-partners – ASPAYM, AICSCC, EDUACT, KNOW AND HOW, ARDMORE and OEJAB, held the kick-off meeting of the ‘D.B.Y. – Directed By Youth‘ (CERV-2022-CITIZENS-CIV- 101077303) project online. It was the moment of sharing the project material, talking about the structures and the activities, but, most of all, it was the moment of setting up the consortium for a goal-oriented and committed implementation path.

D.B.Y. addresses issues such as apathy and disenchantment of youth that suffered the effects of the pandemic – not only – through a creative non-formal approach of participatory video-making workshops. It aims to give the possibility, the skills, and the tools, to process their experiences and manifest them through film-making.

The project is planned on an 18-months timeline (01/12/2022 – 31/05/2024), by which the expected activities to implement are the following:  

  • Engage youth to film and graphic design workshops to develop their own movies;  
  • Organising film festivals to disseminate the results and sharing youth experience of the training with local and international community.

The meeting followed the agenda with three main parts:

  • firstly, all partners presented themselves and their associations; it followed the overall project plan, objectives, and structure;
  • then, it moved to financial and qualitative aspects, to understand the impact, the indicators, and the procedures to respect;
  • lastly, dissemination and visual identity proposal were shared to discuss about feedback and instructions; the meeting ended setting the first phase tasks and deadlines. It was a very important moment of participation and sharing, to align all partners mindset and agenda. 

Within the next months, social media channels and project website will be developed. However, for updates follow the organisations webistes and their social profiles.

Stay tuned!